PDF file is available for download HERE.

Start to CP1

The first few KM are very easy on concrete, but after 5KM you will face a major challenge – The Beast Climb. Here you will gain around 800m in a little over 3km. Do not use all your energy!

If you have not trained on real hills before this will be very difficult. This trail is very narrow path through trees. Enjoy sunrise at the top. From the summit you will have a very steep descent down to the CP at the village.

CP1 to CP2

After the CP you will make a short loop before a long run down to the valley floor. If it is dry this section offers some good, fast downhill running – if it is wet it can be slippy, so take care.

At the bottom you will turn right before the wooden bridge you crossed earlier in the run. This is a very important turn so take care to see the markings. From here you will run along a narrow trail past the water wheels that the area is famous for.

At the end of the trail you will cross a bridge and run to the stunning village of Ban Hieu.

CP2 to CP3

After the CP you will have another climbing challenge up through the village of Ban Hieu where you will cross a rushing turquoise river. From the top you will run back down to the valley floor along more narrow trails – if the weather is dry these offer more excellent running. Take good care to follow the marking here as there are some turns.

CP3 – CP4

At CP3 the 42km course joins. This section is flatter running on narrow trails among rice paddies and through villages. Take very good care to keep looking for the markings as there are many, many turns in this area. There are also more children who sometimes like to play with marking, so make sure you remain aware! The trail will then bring you to the village of Ban Nua where you follow the concrete road for a few hundred meters to CP4.

CP4 – CP5

This is technically the least demanding section, but it is very, very tough for running. A small road has now been constructed. There is a lot of elevation gain and some steep sections. Make sure you fill your water up as it could be very hot here if the weather is sunny. There is no shade on this part of the race. The section finishes at the village of Ban Kit.

CP4 – CP6 (for 25km runners only). This beautiful section takes you to the village of Ban Pon with a hard climb then a fast descent.

CP5 – CP6

From the CP in Ban Kit you will head into the jungle on a very steep climb. Sometimes you will need to use your hands here on the rocky sections. Take care! After the climb you will run down through some jungle paths before another uphill section. As you get closer to the CP the trail becomes easier and more runnable.

CP6 – CP7

This is a short section, but it contains ‘The Spike’ – a hard uphill and then a very, very steep downhill on which you need to take care. Just before you go downhill you will get one of the best views of the whole race so make sure you take some time to enjoy it! After the descent a flat run brings you to the small village of Kho Muong. Note the GPS is slightly different here as we have re-routed a little to avoid some  concrete. Follow the marking!

CP7 – CP8

From Kho Muong CP7 you will face your last uphill challenge on a great, but very hard trail that winds up through the jungle to the road where you will find CP8.

CP8 – Finish

At the CP you will turn right and follow the road for some KMs. This section is also uphill and tough! Soon you will reach the right turn back down on to the trail. This is a very important turn, do not miss it!

In dry weather this is a brilliant downhill run that we love. Once in the valley you will run along a flatter section past stunning rice terraces surrounded by mountains. After crossing a river (a good place to cool down!) you will finish your race with a run in to the Ban Hang Finish Village. Note that sometimes a person asks for small money to cross the bridge here….  but you are trail runners – just run through the shallow water if you don’t want to pay! 🙂