Pu Luong Nature Reserve lies 4 hours to the southwest of Hanoi, not far from the more touristed Mai Chau area.

It is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas of the North. As a result it retains much of its traditional charm and those visiting here will get a feel for a truly remote part of the country.

With dramatic, jungled limestone mountains, vibrant rice paddy terraces, pristine rushing rivers and waterfalls and ethnic minority villages where time has stood still for generations, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is the ideal place to discover rural Vietnam.

While a growing number of villages here are becoming linked by roads, many are still connected via dirt trails.

These trails vary from fast, runnable hard pack, to jungle tracks and steep, rocky climbs and descents.

The majority of the race trails are runnable, but there are some technical steep sections that will require some care and skill.

Near some of the villages you are likely to share the trails with kids herding cows and buffaloes, but in much of the Nature Reserve even locals are an uncommon site.

Some photographs of the area are below. For more check out the gallery page.

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